Paula Langthaler

Sound Designer, Composer & Pianist

Album "Lalla"

Album "Double Happiness"

Composition & Sound Design

Let’s enrich the world with some new and fresh sounds!


I’m a pianist and composer from Vienna, Austria and am currently based in Paris, France, where I study Music and Sound Design at Isart Digital: The School of Video Game and Animation.
Being surrounded by music from my early childhood onwards, I have soon developed my love for jazz and classical music, which I also professionally studied in Vienna. Ever since, I have enjoyed experimenting on combining the two genres in my own compositions and pursue my interest in free improvised music. As I lived in Oslo for some time, I got very interested in sound design and the video game industry. Among my personal tutoring and teaching work, I have now also taken up commissions in video game music composing and sound design.


As a musician, I engage in many different projects with great passion and enthusiasm. One of them is being the leader of my own trio where we play my compositions, which are mainly based on modern jazz but with an extraordinary lineup. Experimenting on the intersection of genres and always looking out for new musical challenges, I enjoy the moments most in which the notes on the paper are brought to life through performance.